Cyber Security Services

50% of firms with remote users say Web-borne attacks impacted company financials. Are you protected?

Does your organization house HIPAA sensitive information, financial records, HR records, privileged records, etc? What are your legal and technical vulnerabilities?


SALIX’s Cyber Security program works with our clients on multiple levels to identify, monitor, and protect information on an on-going basis. SALIX uses “certified hackers” to continuously correct weaknesses in our clients’ hardware and software, to monitor intrusions attempts, and to constantly update firmware to protect your organization.


Best Practices include a mixture of hardware and software solutions, as well as on-going monitoring, to best protect your data.


Do your employees use remote access to the corporate network, or other corporate online resources, via their laptops, tablets or smart-phones? While these resources can make a company more efficient, unprotected devices also drastically increase vulnerability to cyber attacks. Are you taking provisions to safeguard your data?


Cyber Security Products


Did you know?

  • 64% of companies allow remote access to servers for 25% to 100% of employees
  • 90% of companies agree that managing the security of remote users is extremely challenging
  • 50% of US firms with remote users estimate the cost of Web-borne attacks at $25,000 to $10 million

Statistics cited from Webroot Remote User Security Survey

Let us work with you to design and implement the best solutions for your company, and together we will keep your records and data secure.

Our Cyber Security Services have been certified by industry leaders.