• E-Discovery Experts

    SALIX’s forensic collection and e-discovery teams have the
    expertise and experience to help your organization prepare
    and implement the best practices for handling all of
    your e-discovery and ESI needs

    Our highly-trained staff can not only perform
    a forensic collection of your data – they can
    search, cull and process it as well.

  • OARRS Automation!

    COMPLIANCE with state laws in an AUTOMATED Process
    - Ohio’s HB 93
    Provide better care for patients, and ensure those with
    drug-seeking behaviors are identified for your practice.
    Check your controlled substance prescription records
    without the time-consuming manual request process.

  • Bridge the Gap Between Your
    Paper Charts & EMR.

    Our document scanning solutions will get your existing medical
    records organized & into an electronic format in a cost-effective
    manner. We provide complete scanning, preloading, and
    data entry services to help with your EMR conversion.
    addressing the most overlooked component of a
    comprehensive EMR solution - the paper charts.

  • Complete Litigation Support.

    With over 12 years experience, SALIX is an industry leader
    in the world of litigation support.

    From copying and imaging to trial exhibits and
    e-discovery, SALIX is fully equipped to help
    you with all of your litigation support needs.

  • A Partner & Industry Leader.

    With over 2,500 customers, SALIX is the area leader in helping
    organizations move from paper-based processes to electronic.

    Join some of the top companies, attorneys, healthcare
    aprofessionals and non-profit organizations that trust
    SALIX with their most sensitive information.

  • Outsourcing

    SALIX has over 12 years experience in outsourcing routine, mundane
    processes to help with business process optimization. We have
    onshore and offshore resources to help with data entry and
    support across over 25 industries .

    SALIX uses Six Sigma and LEAN processes to help you
    optimize your organization’s efficiency.

  • Copying, Printing, & Binding.

    With SALIX, you know that your job will be done correctly, on time,
    and on budget. Don’t waste time with the big, impersonal chains
    who don’t know you or your business.

    We are fully equipped with the latest in digital copying and printing
    equipment. We specialize in high-speed, high-quality black & white
    and color output as well as a wide range of other copy-related
    services like VHS, X-Ray Film and Oversize duplications.

  • Medical Data Entry

    SALIX can provide Medical Transcription, Medical Records
    , CPT and ICD Coding (including ICD-10!),
    Data Entry and EMR Support Services.

    Our processes are scalable to meet the fluctuating
    needs of your medical practice. Ask us about
    our Live EMR capabilities!

  • Records Management

    SALIX is the region’s expert on records management processes
    and content management systems. We can assist you in
    developing and implementing a records retention policy,
    and help you automate tasks that previously
    were labor intensive.

    SALIX can also help provide data entry and
    scanning of all record types.

  • Trial Presentation

    Whether it’s creating custom exhibit boards or helping to
    prepare a powerful electronic trial presentation, our design
    and visual strategy experts can help you with all
    facets of your courtroom presentation.

    SALIX has extensive experience with trial presentation
    software, including Sanction, Summation, Trial Director,
    Concordance, Catalyst, and many others.

  • Award–Winning Performance

    SALIX is proud to be an award–winning organization, from
    recognition at the top, all the way through. We pride
    ourselves on our customer service, and on community
    stewardship, having received awards from the
    Goering Center for Family & Private Business,
    The Cincinnati Business Courier, Venue Magazine,
    Cincinnati Magazine, The National MS Society
    and Cincinnati Paralegal Association.